WMPF Complex CM

MPF™ vaginal rejuvenation ointment

It is an ointment for treating vaginal dryness,

where more than 50% of women with menopause suffer.

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Vagina Dryness

Vagina is a part of skin tissue made up of mucous membranes, 

epidermis and dermis and many vaginal problems are caused 

by weakening or thinning of the skin like vaginal tissue. 

The weaking and thinning tissue lacks moisture and 

is susceptible to wounds, resulting in problems such as dryness 

and inflammation.


In addition to the traditional female hormone treatment,

WMPF complex cm is recommended to be used to regenerate mucous

membranes to make them thicker and healthy again.

WMPF complex cm is patented product manufactured

in FDA approved pharmaceutical facility.

The product is used for vaginal dryness, vestibulitis, vaginal atrophy etc.

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